Serifos Island


-The archaelogical museum is holding a big collection of antiquities from the ancient years to the medieval times of the region. A Medieval castle was crowning Chora (the hilltop main town of Serifos), and the ancient capital was located there as well. 

-The most impressive ancient monument of the island is the white tower (Άσπρος Πύργος), a Hellenistic marble watchtower (estimated  300 BC) with walls preserved up  to 2 meters and an interior staircase. It is located on a hilltop near Mega Chorio. More ancient towers have been located, including the megalithic Psaros Pyrgos (Ψαρός Πύργος)  which is also called "Couch of the Cyclops" in the southwest corner of the island and the the so-called "Castle of the Old Lady" (Κάστρο της Γριάς) above Ganema.

-Another antiquity is the fortified Monastery of the Taxiarchs which is dedicated to the Archangels Michael and Gabriel and was built in 1572. 

-The old mines in Megalo Livadi Serifos are one of the main attractions as well. The history of Serifos is linked from the ancient times to the mines that exist on the island from the antiquity to the present times. They were closed during the  Roman Era, reopened in the Venetian Times, closed under the suppression of the Ottomans and reopened at the end of the Greek Revolution, in 1830. They permenately closed after a strike which took place in August 19th 1919 and ended in the death of many strikers. A memorial dedicated to the miners who lost their lives in the strike is located in Megalo Libadi.


Beach-goers will have a great variety of beaches to choose from while visiting Serifos Island: rocky, pebbly or sandy ones with crystal blue waters that will satisfy all tastes. The most famous are:

 -Livadi beach:

The beach of Livadi is lacated on the south-east side of Serifos, 4.5 km below Chora. It is sandy and pebbly and surrounded by a green area with trees that provide shade, perfect for a long stay at the beach. Many facilities are nearby and the area offers also nightlife activity with many bars, clubs and traditional taverns where you can really experience a typical Greek night. 


Livadakia is one of the most popular sandy beaches on Serifos, located on the south western side of the island below Chora,the beautiful capital. It is a continuation of the Libadi beach and offers the same variety of facilities including water-sport facilities. In case of looking for a quieter place, one can walk towards the Karavi beach. 

-Megalo Libadi beach

Megalo Livadi is located 11 km southwest from Chora, the capital of Serifos. The waters are crystal and shallow waters and around the beach one can find tamarisk trees that provide enough shade in the summer. It is not a very crowded beach like Livadi and Livadakia, but offers a couple of places where one can enjoy a traditional greek lunch. It is also considered a famous attraction with a unique scenery since it used to be one of the main loading sites for the island mining industry in the past. Nearby one can also visit the churches of Agia Triada, Agios Ioannis Prodromos, and Agios Nikolaos. 

-Psili Ammos

Psili Ammos (which means soft sand) is one of the most popular beaches on Serifos located on the east coast, at about 8 km north from the port of Livadi. The water is crystal clear and there are trees by the shore providing the essential shade during the summertime, while the characteristic white flower is growing on the sand across the beach creating a unique combination. This beach has been voted as one of the most beautiful beaches, not only in Greece, but also in Europe according to the British newspaper Sunday Times.

-Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis is located 6 km from Livadi and is mainly recommended for those who enjoy peace, but do not like isolation, and want to have easy access to crowded places as well.


Ganema beach is 7 km from Libadi and is considered the ideal escape for a relaxing vacation. The beach consists of soft and fine sand and pebbles , as well as a long tuft of trees providing comfortable shade from the sun.