My own Villa – Personal use

Enjoy Greece in your own personal villa.

Greece is an ideal summer deastination, with flights from any major city in nothern Europe to our beautiful islands lasting only a few hours and offering a great variety of crystal clear beaches, unique landscapes and traditional architecture. Learn about the history of the places while enjoying a great example of mediterranean cuisine in a local reastaurant by the sea. 

Property prices have decreased in the past years, making it tempting for foreign investors to buy land and houses on the islands, which is leading to increases of the current prices in the land and house market.

In addition, hotel prices are consistently increasing, as well as requiring bookings months in advance. Having your own private property on an island lets you get rid of all the worries of planning a vacation, while staying in a place designed personally for you and your needs. 

Create your own private paradise, where you can enjoy a weekend escape in some of the most famous islands in the world.

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