My own Villa – Hotelier

Be a hotel owner for your own villa by renting it in the high season.

The tourist industry in Greece is always on the rise and a safe investment to be a part of.

Owning property on a Greek island offers you a perfect holiday home, which can also be rented in full capacity during the high season (May-September) and offer a high return of investment.

House prices have decreased and made properties in ideal locations available for new parties to get involved in the industry. The timing is ideal to invest in a property near the seafront before the prices sky rise once again.

Prices for luxury properties have dropped on average by 50% since 2009 and investors are looking for places to invest their money, while purchasing a holiday home for private use. It is a unique opportunity to invest in now, since prices have started to increase.

The management of your hotel can be also covered by us. Become a club member and we will take care of everything.

 A unique holiday destination designed for you as well as an extra income are secured for you.

Enjoy your villa during the low season...

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